Jeremy Rene, Architect

renē|Architecture was established in 2001 as a full service architectural firm by Jeremy Rene, Architect. It is our intention to carve out a niche in the architectural market for value oriented clients. We believe our attention to budget and thoughtful design solutions set us apart from other architectural firms in the region. In working through the process of the professional services we look to local as well as global precedent to achieve artful solutions to our clients pragmatic and poetic needs. The majority of our experience involves housing solutions over the last eighteen years. We are however extremely interested in maintaining a diverse portfolio of project type and scale.

To aid potential clients in their search for an architect we have outlined the three basic criteria we believe are critical in assessing an architect's appropriateness.

Technical Expertise
The architect must have a working knowledge of a variety construction methods and materials to determine which is the most appropriate for a particular solution. The architect must also have a familiarity with applicable land use and building code regulations which may impact the development.

Aesthetic Sensibility
The client may or may not have a predisposition to a particular style. Many architects also have a predisposition for particular style. I believe it's crucial that a client align themselves with an architect who has a compatible sense of style whether it be nostalgic traditionalism, strident modernism or somewhere in between.

The architect and client need to establish a comfortable rapport. Often time clients will find this period in their lives somewhat stressful. Subjecting oneself to this process can put a strain on personal relations as well as the pocket book. It makes the process much more enjoyable if the client can look to the architect for both council and perspective.

Based on these three criteria we hope you will give us an opportunity to share with you our technical expertise and aesthetic sensibility. This in turn will allow you to get to know us on a more personal level making your decision on whether to retain renē|ARCHITECTURE for professional services a fairly easy one.